Pregnancy Ultrasound Preparation

Ultrasound Preparation

There isn’t a lot you need to do in order to prepare for your private pregnancy scan with us in Wigan. But there are some additional things you can do to ensure you experience as much comfort as possible. 

Try to drink at least half a litre of fluid shortly before your scan and avoid going to the bathroom to empty your bladder. Having a full bladder will help our sonographer to provide a more detailed view of your baby.

It may be more difficult for some, but try your very best to avoid emptying your bladder. Each scan lasts for around 15 minutes and you can go to the bathroom after your scan.

All of our scans are performed by a qualified Sonographer.

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Getting Ready

We welcome all questions that you might have. So, if you have any questions about what is going to happen during your scan and what you will be able to see on the screen during the scan, please don’t hesitate to ask. 

The sonographer will check to make sure you are ready to proceed, and then the scanning procedure will begin.

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Comfortable Early Pregnancy Scans

Do your best to wear clothes that are easy to adjust. A separate top and bottom will usually be more comfortable than a dress.

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Pregnancy Ultrasound Preparation

Having a Routine Scan

The majority of pregnancy ultrasounds can be done by moving an ultrasound probe across an abdomen which is not restricted by clothing.

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Pregnancy Ultrasound Preparation

Ultrasounds are Very Safe

Ultrasounds are very safe procedures and there is a good chance you will feel more comfortable when you know what to expect during your scan.

If you have any questions about Ultrasound Pregnancy Scans, please contact us at any time 01942 316774.

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