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We have put together a list of questions with answers and we hope this will help. If you have further questions please use the contact form to submit your questions or you can call 01942 316774.

All of our scans are performed by a qualified Sonographer.

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A 2D is used to produce 2 dimensional images of what is happening inside the mothers and baby’s body. 4D scan is a moving 3D image. Still images provided are 3D. HD again is a moving 3D image and is version of 4D to provide clearer images. 

We provide baby scans if you are aged over 18. Your date of birth will be requested on the client consent form and we may ask for proof of age if required. We can also have the discretion to ask for proof of age if we believe there is a chance that you may be under 18. Baby Scan and Beyond cannot provide scans to under 18’s.

Image quality may be affected by certain factors: 

– If you have a high Body Mass Index and more body tissue.

– The position that baby is in at the time of the scan.

– Baby’s face may be touching the placenta.

Some chocolate, a fizzy drink and a quick walk around Wigan City Centre has been known to move even the most stubborn of babies.

There are 2 scenarios here:

– Yes if you are having an Early Reassurance Scan + you are under 15 weeks pregnant.

– No if you are having a Gender Scan or a 4D scan.

The answer is yes. We suggest a little bit earlier for twins due to the fact there is less room in there to move. If you would like a 3D/4D scan, the best time to have twins or triplet gender scans would be from 16 weeks. 

You do not need to bring anything with you, but please wear loose fitting clothes and bring any hospital / midwife contact details with you incase we need to contact them whilst you are at your appointment. 

From 16 weeks a 4D scan can be done at any time during your pregnancy. Optimum results can be achieved between 27 and 32 weeks but you will still see excellent results outside of 27 to 32 weeks.

Please let us know in advance how many you would like to bring with you. Family, friends and children are all welcome to attend with you. 

There have been Covid-19 limitations during the Pandemic so we comply with all official announcements. Please ask us about this if you need clarity.

No you cannot. Please go ahead as normal with your normal antenatal care and you should keep your midwife updated at all times so you don’t miss any guidance or tests scheduled by your midwife. If in doubt please consult with your midwife.

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Questions / Answers

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Our qualified sonographer.

Our pregnancy ultrasound scans do not provide deep clinical analysis and are not done to provide information on abnormalities in any way. If however something unusual is spotted by the sonographer, this will be pointed out to you. 

Yes please. We need to make sure we can schedule the appointment and confirm that with you. Our team works hard behind the scenes to ensure everything is in place for when you arrive. You can book online by clicking ‘Book Now’ which you can see on all pages on the Baby Scan and Beyond website. You can also call us to ask if we have any last minute cancellations 01942 316774, or please email:

Unfortunately we do not have our own car park but there is nearby parking available in Wigan City Centre.

Yes by all means you can. Obviously there may be times when Covid-19 guidelines dictate how we can operate and we follow all Covid-19 compliance closely and to the letter. We ask that you let us know in advance how many people you intend to bring with you so we can plan accordingly for your arrival. You and your guests will be able to watch on the large monitor that we have. 

Yes there will be a £20 supplement. 

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We take card or cash payment before the scan.

No please attend all of your usual hospital appointments.

A lot will depend on the scan you have. Please check all of our baby scan packages on this website to find the details you need. If you require further clarity and information please get in touch with us in the first instance.

We will do our best to find out for you but a lot will depend on the position of your baby.

Please let us know in advance so we can avoid scanning that area / telling you.

– We use the latest ultrasound equipment and a qualified sonographer will make sure the equipment is used in line with set non diagnostic scanning and BMUS guidelines.  There has been a lot of research and trials for over 25 years (it is now March 2022) in regards to safety and the ultrasound scanning equipment used by us is as safe as the ultrasound equipment used by the NHS.

Please visit where you can read advice as provided by BMUS ( British Medical Ultrasound Society). If you are unsure, please contact us 01942 316774.


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