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Antenatal Classes

Antenatal classes are also called birth and parenting classes. An antenatal class will help you and your partner to prepare for what lies ahead. Please see the section below on ‘What You Can Learn’. From getting ready for labour to caring for your baby after giving birth, an antenatal class will teach you and prepare you. 

Our antenatal class will be run by a retired midwife.

Our Antenatal Classes are informative and fun and we are currently accepting registrations for our Antenatal Classes – our first ever Antenatal Classes will commence in 2022 (date to be confirmed).

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Mum and Dad Antenatal Classes

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Antenatal classes will give you more confidence ahead of your baby’s birth. Included in amongst a group of other parents who are in attendance for the similar reasons, you will be able to speak and share experiences.

You can learn how to..

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Antenatal Care for Wigan & North West

Choosing an Antenatal Class

Find the sort of class that suits you best. We are confident we can offer you a chance to learn skills that are practical and of great use going forward.

Places in antenatal classes can fill very quickly. The NHS run classes for free but if you would like to find out more about our classes, please contact us and we can discuss everything with you.

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When Should you Consider Antenatal Classes?

Most antenatal classes start at around 8 – 10 weeks before your baby is due but you can start baby care introductory classes before that. 

If yours is to be a multiple birth your babies are more likely to be born early, so it would be ideal to start antenatal classes from 24 weeks.