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Complementary with Scan Packages

As a part of some of our baby scan packages we offer a range of massage and photography all compliments of Baby Scan and Beyond. These are already included as part of certain packages (for more details please read below and on our Baby Scan Packages page).

Pregnancy massages and Blood Pressure & Vitamin Plans can be booked separately by arrangement with us.

All of our scans are performed by a qualified Sonographer.

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BABY SCAN AND BEYOND - Baby Photography

Professional Baby Photography

A Photoshoot for you and your baby

Complementary photoshoots with your baby are available with certain baby scan packages here at Baby Scan and Beyond. The professional baby photographers will also provide the set ups and the props to create the backdrop for brilliant results!

This service is only available with our baby scan packages and cannot be purchased separately.

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BABY SCAN AND BEYOND - Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage

Relaxation with Professional Massage Therapy

Relax and unwind with a pregnancy massage by a qualified and experienced pregnancy massage therapist. At Baby Scan and Beyond, complementary pregnancy massages are available with some of our baby scan packages.

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Boutique Baby Scan Studio in wigan

Occasions to Remember Wigan

Why Baby Scan and Beyond?

At Baby Scan and Beyond we do everything we can to ensure a truly comfortable, respectful, safe, caring and professional service.

The best care and well being of you and your baby is a priority for us. We have a range of Baby Scan Packages to suit you.


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Baby Scan and Beyond is a unique 2D/3D/4D Live Pregnancy Baby Scans Boutique Studio in Wigan, Greater Manchester. We provide services such as Gender Scan, Early Pregnancy Scan, Reassurance Scan, Wellbeing Scan, Deluxe packages, as well as 3D 4D Live Scans & baby bonding ultrasound scans. Find out more below.