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Our friendly and attentive team at Baby Scan and Beyond provides an abundance of care, comfort and safety at our baby scan boutique in Wigan. 

We guarantee a warm welcome when you arrive and a wonderful pregnancy scan experience.

about your appointment
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Pregnancy Ultrasound Preparation

The Baby Scan and Beyond Experience

With Baby Scan and Beyond you can relax and feel confident that when you have your pregnancy scan, our focus is on the making you and your baby healthy and happy. 

Our sonographer is fully qualified and registered, so you know you are in the best possible care.


You can eat normally and drink prior to having your scan. To improve the quality of the images and to enable movement from baby, we would advise to please drink 2 glasses of cold water beforehand to make sure you are hydrated.

If you are coming with a full bladder and you are 20 weeks into your pregnancy, we would advise not to overfill the bladder, and to please feel comfortable. Your comfort and your safety is our priority.

Again on the subject of hydration, please arrive hydrated with a full bladder if you have booked for a 4D HD Live scan and this will bring a greater chance of our sonographer getting even better pictures.


Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes before the start of your appointment and refer to Sonographer.

When you arrive, you will receive a warm and friendly welcome from one of our team. As part each booking we request each customer to complete a consent form and we will go through terms and conditions with you which doesn't take too long. You will learn more about the pregnancy scan and we will answer any questions you may have.

Your scan will begin with our sonographer so you can enjoy this whether you come alone or with your partner, and if decide to bring some of your family and friends.


Your non-diagnostic pregnancy ultrasound scan is performed by our qualified sonographer.

What happens during your scan will depend on which ultrasound package you choose and the duration of your scan. The sonographer will perform your scan to the highest professional standards.

When the end of scheduled scan time has been reached, a choice of photographs will be presented to you to pick from, and we will make sure that you experience every element of the scan package you booked. At every stage of your scan and your time with us we will do everything to make your ultrasound experience safe, relaxing and comfortable.

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Pregnancy Scans and Packages

Baby Scan and Beyond is a unique 2D/3D/4D HD Live Pregnancy Baby Scans Boutique Studio in Wigan, Greater Manchester. We provide services such as Gender Scan, Early Pregnancy Scan, Reassurance and Well Being Scans, Deluxe packages, as well as 3D 4D HD Live Scans & Baby Bonding ultrasound scans. Find out more below.