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A 3d baby scan is a keepsake that can last forever. It provides a three dimensional life-like sneak peak of your baby’s features

You see internal organs and skeletal features with 2D, and with 3D you see your baby’s skin. See your baby’s mouth and nose for the first time. and even a yawn. 

All of our 3D baby scans are performed by a qualified sonographer.

Baby Scan and Beyond 3D Benefits

In recent years, 3D ultrasound images have become popular. 

Many parents enjoy 3D images because they feel like they can see what their baby looks like better than what the flatter 2D images are able to show. 3D ultrasounds produce their image by piecing together multiple 2D images taken at different angles.

You can see how your baby is developing and see even smaller details including the arms, the head, abdomen, legs, facial features, legs, the head, and the tiny toes and fingers. 

2D 3D and 4D HD-Live Options

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All CQC Guidelines are Followed

Baby Scan and Beyond meets all CQC Guidelines.

The CQC (Care Quality Commission) regularly inspects Baby Scan and Beyond based on safety, responsive to people’s needs, effectiveness, care, and well-led.

There are four ratings that CQC gives to health and social care services like Baby Scan and Beyond: outstanding, good, requires improvement and inadequate.

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What to Expect

Experience your baby’s movements and facial expressions with our 3D scan packages.

It’s totally natural to be extra excited when you’re thinking about having your first scan. Look at a 3D scan as an upgrade on a 2D scan where you will be able to see a lot more.

A 3D and any type of ultrasound scan will be performed by our trained professional. We are a private ultrasound boutique studio situated in Wigan, Greater Manchester in North West England.

We offer a range of private and non-diagnostic scan packages in a safe and welcoming environment.

We are a CQC regulated baby scan studio. Our UK qualified sonographer prides herself on delivering the highest standards. We understand that sometimes baby is in the wrong position for pictures and if this is ever the case we offer a free rescan.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

Before 27 weeks into a pregnancy your baby doesn’t have a lot of fat underneath the skin so the facial bones will show through. If your baby’s head goes deep down into the pelvis after 32 weeks you may not be able to see the baby’s face.

If you are ready to book your 3D ultrasound you can do so quickly and easily online using our Online Booking System by clicking ‘Book Now’.

You can also contact us directly if you have any questions

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